About me.

Hello. My name is Christophile and I live in Richmond, VA with my husband and son. I am a freelance media professional, mainly video editing and photography. I really love to cook and bake, but especially seek to source my family’s food locally and responsibly. Thank you for visiting!


5 Responses to About me.

  1. David Fish says:

    this is really great! are they all your concoctions? love your photos!


  2. i was just researching for next week’s share and ran across your blog. it’s great!

    can i share it with the rest of the CSA members?

  3. Sean Aguirre says:

    You Totally Rule!! Thanks for posting Molly’s art! I hope to see you and Rick soon! Take Care.


  4. Madeleine Nist says:

    What are you going to do when you move South? think you’ll find a fram share down there?

  5. Madeleine Nist says:

    oops. If no fram shares, maybe you’ll find a farm share?

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