New Post! New Baby! (not mine)


I know it’s been a long time and all I can say to that is…it’s Linus’ fault!

I decided to change the name.  “Farm to Table” just didn’t fit this blog anymore (especially since it is a big time food movement) and I wanted something that encompassed what my life is like these days: domestic.

It seems like as soon as you get pregnant or have a baby you start noticing everyone else doing it too! Which is great, because your baby has a lot of buddies to hang with. Last week my good friend at Burgerphone gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Welcome baby girl!

Tonight I made a meal in honor of this lil girl’s parents: Black Beans and Kielbasa from November’s EDF “One Pot Meals”. I had noticed that Ms. Burgerphone has been on a somewhat black bean bender from this post on her blog a few weeks ago. And her baby-daddy being of Ukrainian descent has a strong attachment to Kielbasa.  So hence why this meal made me think of them.  And if they happen to read this, the meal was super good and I can make you guys a batch and bring it over in trade for holding the lil lady while you eat! just sayin’.

I served it over coarse bulgur wheat and Linus loved it! Though I did not give him any Kielbasa.


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2 Responses to New Post! New Baby! (not mine)

  1. Leta says:

    One more reason to come to RVA. We can’t wait to see Linus and meet this cutie soon. Beans yum. Please give the new baby a kiss for me.

  2. Kelly says:

    We would never say no to this dish.

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