A new post! and Kourkouto!


*wonky photo collage, hey, it's been a while...

I know it’s been a long time–again, and though I would love to blame it on the baby bump, it’s really not that.  The new apartment is great, but I’m still getting used to the space and the light (lack of it) and the appliances.  I have been cooking and baking pretty regularly, especially since I’ve had great access to fresh veggies and fruit from Victory Farms multiple times a week: South of the James Farmers Markets on Saturdays (which I hate to miss!) and Bryan Park Farmers Market in Tuesdays.  But a lot of what I’ve been making are old standbys that don’t need repeat posts.  That and basics like the brownies my friend Nicole suggested I make last week to quickly satiate my sugar craving.  Half a pan later…

Tonight’s meal was something I had planned to make Friday for a potluck cookout but I ended up actually having to do work-work that day.  Finally got a chance today to put it together.  I found this recipe on Kalofagas’ site so I won’t post it here again, especially since I also found the same recipe tried out on other food blogs.  What I love about this recipe is that instead of using phyllo like you do in other Greek savory pies (spanakopita, tiropita, etc) you make a batter with flour, so it’s more like a frittata almost.  Also love getting to bake with Kasseri cheese, one of my more favorite Greek cheeses!  Another great reason for being back in Richmond is Nick’s Produce & International Food Market where I can get Greek products like Kasseri!!!  I searched and searched for a Greek market in Philly and never found one! Nick’s is awesome.

It’s definitely a rich meal but is perfectly accompanied with a light salad.

I added a chopped asian pepper I got from the farmer’s market to the batter, to give it a lil kick.

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