Greensgrow Inspired Breakfast


Since our pick-up this week included a bunch of breakfast staples (bacon, eggs and bagels) we had some bagel sandwiches for breakfast this morning (as you know by now, breakfast sandwiches are my fave!)    The egg-jalapeno-habanero cheddar omelet turned into a messy scramble, but the flavors were still there!  I even used some amish butter (from a previous pick-up) for the bagels.  Crispy bacon added a nice crunch.  In R’s own words: “Breakfast was SO good!”

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2 Responses to Greensgrow Inspired Breakfast

  1. Yum! That is so delicious! An egg-jalapeno-habanero cheddar omelet??? Wow! Gotta try that one out!

  2. ophile says:

    It was great Sunday fare I must say, thanks Alisa.

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