My New BFF Sandwich…


…as long as the tomato marmalade lasts!

Toasted Rosemary Ciabatta (from last weekend’s pick-up), havarti, peppered turkey and bibb lettuce and a spread made of mayo and tomato marmalade mixed together.

I discovered tomato marmalade our first night in El Calafate, Argentina where for dessert at La Cocina restaurant we ordered some sort of sweet potato (?) ice cream with a laced caramel veil (?) and the heavenly jam on top.  It sounds weird I know, but it was perfect: not too sweet, not too savory…it was unexpected!  I spent a good part of the rest of the trip scouring grocery store shelves for tomato marmalade, since for some reason it was not as popular as I imagined it would be (why not??).  Also, I wanted to find one that had actual bits of tomato in the marmalade like in the dessert that first night.  It’s going to be my mission this summer to make my own tomato marmalade, anyone have any good recipes?


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