Not too many photos of these stuffed cabbage rolls since it was a very sloppy presentation, but the flavor was there!  Galumpkis are sorta like Greek Dolmades, they use cabbage leaves for wrapping instead of grape leaves and have a tomato sauce instead of the avgolemono (egg-lemon sauce).  I was originally thinking that I would just braise the cabbage, but Tuesday night was really snowy cold and I wanted something hearty so I looked up a stuffed cabbage recipe and found this one from Tyler Florence.  Since I had most of the ingredients (minus the ground pork) and the reviews were so positive, I decided to go with it.  The cabbage turned out too small and I didn’t have enough leaves to roll up all the stuffing so I ended up sprinkling the rest of it over the pan and covering it with the sauce.  It turned out super tasty and we had leftovers forever.  Great snowy evening dinner!

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One Response to Galumpkis

  1. Peter says:

    Never heard of these Galumpki but they get major points for their name….everyone say Galumpki!

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