Classic Baguettes!


Continuing on with my little bread-making craze, I spent a great part of Friday making Baguettes! I started the “starter” the night before and Friday morning began the long “proofing” stage.  By Friday evening we had 3 crispy baguettes that we could not keep our hands off!  It really is such a satisfying feeling to bake bread, you feel like you are directly sustaining your family.  Sort of like regardless what happens, I can make bread!  And we can live off bread! I know I sound completely ridiculous, BUT you start to see how homemaking is a real job.  You save money, nourish your body and warm your home (with the oven heated up for baking-HA!).  I am definitely proud and have even more respect for homemakers everywhere!

Here is the recipe for Classic Baguettes at the King Arthur Flour site!

Buy vs. Bake

Buy: Artisan bakery 9-ounce baguette, $2.95

Bake at home: Homemade 9-ounce baguette, 43¢

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3 Responses to Classic Baguettes!

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  2. Nicole says:

    AH! How did I miss this post! My google reader has been playing tricks on me! How awesome CK!

  3. ophile says:

    No, you didn’t miss anything, I just posted it! And I feel bad because I didn’t bake a pie this weekend :(.

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