Sandwich Bread!


Today I was motivated by Smitten Kitchen’s Light Wheat Bread sans bread machine post and made myself a loaf!  Not only am I excited about not having to buy a commercial loaf with all the extra gunk in it but my apartment smells awesome! I followed the above recipe exactly except for using a slightly bigger loaf pan.  It all came out perfect and the slices tasted delicious as buns for our black bean burgers.  I was really impressed (and even gave myself a little pat on the back).

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4 Responses to Sandwich Bread!

  1. valerie says:

    awesome! i saw that on sk too and immediately sent it to my boyfriend (the bread baker in our household) who has yet to try it out. i’m glad to hear it worked well for you–now i’m definitely going to be on his case 🙂

  2. desmone007 says:

    What a great and cost effective way to enjoy fresh wheat bread! I thought you might be interested in sharing your recipes and cooking tips with us at Foodista. We also have small embeddable widgets to help you build traffic from Foodista-related pages. Check it out here. Thanks!

  3. ophile says:

    Valerie- get your man to bake this up ASAP, your baby will thank you!

    Desmone- Thanks, baking bread is my contribution to the economic stimulus plan! ha!

  4. desmone007 says:

    Ha, that’s right! We all need to play some part…and your’s is yummy!

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