Beans, Beans the Magic Fruit…

…Not magic yet.


Encouraged by my friend Nicole’s “Dried Bean success” I set on trying to make Heidi Swanson’s “Giant Chipotle White Beans” recipe from her 101 Cookbooks blog using dried giant lima beans or as the Greeks call them “Gigantes” or “Γιγαντες” which means giant.  I didn’t get my dried beans from Rancho Gordo which is recommended in this recipe and in the originating recipe from Laurence Jossel, instead I stole them from my Mom who I think got them at a Hispanic market.  So I understood right off that I was probably working with an inferior bean that was sitting around for a long time and wouldn’t be quite so fresh.  So I soaked my beans for 24 hours!  Yes, 24 hours.  At 6pm, I rinsed them and started to cook them hoping that the marathon soak would result in a shorter cooking time (not that much shorter, but hoping for an hour). Nope.  It took 2 hours to cook and even then, the beans needed more time!  But it was 8pm and we needed to eat before going to bed; and then still by the time we ate, at 9 pm, I was full by the time I went to bed and had a fitful night’s sleep.  I actually composed this post in my head at 4am in the morning when I woke up (again!) parched and uncomfortable.  Do I sound frustrated?  ha!

The recipe itself was pretty good except that I would make more of the tomato sauce, the dish felt a little dry (but that could have also been the undercooked beans!).  Also, as far as the oregano pesto goes (I swapped Heidi’s cilantro pesto for the original recipe’s oregano pesto), how do you actually process such small amounts in a mini processor?  I used the mini bowl but nothing was getting chopped up.  So I dumped it all into a mortar n’ pestle and tried to at least smash the garlic down.   Any ideas?  Do you just add more oil?  I used my own oregano pictured above and got to make my own breadcrumbs using some some local Slow Rise Bakery whole wheat bread.


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2 Responses to Beans, Beans the Magic Fruit…

  1. Nicole says:

    See! Why? Why are beans so frustrating!? I hate to ruin the surprise but you have some Rancho Gordo Beans on the way to you ( if I can get them to the post office!!!)

  2. burgerphone says:

    My bean event last night was also a disappointment, but thanks to Nicole’s warning I was only mildly upset by it. I cooked black beans (quick soak method) and I was only able to get sort of soft beans by simmering them after the soak. They’re not great, but I a lot of leftovers! So, yay?

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