Of Pizza and Black Eyed Peas…


Friends came up from Virginia to celebrate New Years Eve with us last night!  Hence not doing such a great job of documenting the dinner, but we enjoyed it whole-drunkenly! I had made the individual pizza shells (from the January 2009 issue of Everyday Food) the night before and so we only had to add toppings NYE.  Seems easy enough, until you have had a bit too much Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka!  And then the simplest tasks, like caramelizing shallots, become Herculean!  For toppings we had a simple tomato sauce, roasted red peppers, garlicky rapini, caramelized shallots, pitted olives, pepperoni, mozzerella, goat cheese or vegan cheese depending on your preference.   The crust was pretty good, except a lil sweet.  I don’t think I will add as much sugar as the recipe calls for next time, and maybe instead of sugar I will use some white wine?  I also made some Texas Caviar (parsley instead of cilantro) on the side and vegan brownies which came out awesome! As can be attested by the leftover crumbs above, seriously one of the best vegan desserts I have tried! We finished the night off by watching The Dark Knight which was really good despite all the hype I didn’t want to buy into.

Happy 2009 Everyone!!!

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3 Responses to Of Pizza and Black Eyed Peas…

  1. Marilyn says:

    Hi! Just this evening, I became a member of the Foodie BlogRoll and found and logged into your blog because I also live in the Philadelphia area, unfortunately, in the western suburbs where there do not seem to be a whole lot of convenient CSAs. I loved your blog and read every entry as well as following some of your links to try to locate sources of locally-grown produce for the spring. Every year I plant a small garden and become disheartened as the local critters little by little demolish everything despite my best efforts. I found your food and photos creative and inspiring. If you want to read my blog, you can find it at http://marilyferecipes.blogspot.com/. Hope to hear more from you!

  2. Anne Marie says:

    So glad you posted the vegan brownie recipe! They were SO good. Happy New Year to the best hostess of 2009.

  3. ophile says:

    Thanks Marilyn! I find it so hard right now with the cold days and early nights to find motivation to cook AND eat locally, it’s tough! Good luck with your garden this year! I wish I had a a patch of land I could farm, right now we live in a loft apt (don’t even have a balcony!). You should check out Farm to Philly too: http://farmtophilly.com/

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