Fall Brunch!

One of my favorite meals is brunch because you can combine so many sweet and savory foods!  I mean sure you could say the same thing about breakfast…but not really, not like brunch.  The definition of brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch (and lets face it, breakfast is the sweeter of the two).

Since I have been on a sort of vacation lately, I have been able to enjoy weekdays of sleeping in and eating brunch!  And with our endless stream of fun guests, I scored me some pumpkin bread from my friend Nicole! To finish off the last piece, I toasted it in the oven and topped it off with a fried egg! yum! (I’m really proud of myself by the way, I’m not one of those intuitive cooks in the kitchen that just makes up recipes on the fly!)

Wow, the sweetness of the cake sopping up the hot olive oil dripping from the crispy fried egg…food porn. I paired it with an arugula, pear and feta salad.  One of the best brunches I ever did have!

I love fried eggs, but try not to eat them all the time.  How about you?

*Sorry I had to try this “poll” function that’s available, kinda fun huh?

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One Response to Fall Brunch!

  1. Kelly says:

    I was wondering about the poll function.

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