mshoelace greeting cards

This past weekend in Brooklyn I got to meet Molly Schulman, I had heard much about her from friends but we had never met.  I also got to buy some of her cards she had on display at the Brooklyn Flea.  I love her holiday food themed cards the best! Especially the above Hanukkah one (do you see that perfect rendering of Trader Joe’s Canola Oil?! hahaha).  You know how I feel about food, so these cards really tug at my heart strings (along with the owl cards she has, winkwink).  She has Tday and Xmas covered too!  Plus, some groovy Halloween cards too.  So go over to her etsy site and stock up!  I support local food and local artists 😉

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  1. pamela riddle says:

    molly’s stuff was at a show at the knitting factory last weekend and it was fabulous. the christmas and hanukkah and birthday cards are some of the nicest i’ve ever come across. also great christmas decorations–she has a great love of birds and food! looks like dogs and other animals might be coming soon. can’t wait. she’ll be at the lyceum in brooklyn on the 20th & 21st of december if you want to see for yourself.

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