Roasted Root Vegetables and Chicken Breast

Shorter days are here again and that is one of the downsides of fall and winter.  Not that I mind shorter days, I love hibernating, but the photography just won’t be as pretty for the next few months since I will be working under fluorescent lights.

This is a pretty standard recipe but a delicious, healthy way to showcase the fall bounty!

Preheat oven to 400º.  Cut up some white sweet potatoes, turnips and one delicata squash (or any root vegetables: butternut squash, parsnips, etc) and toss with olive oil, rosemary and S&P.  If an omnivore, lay the chicken breast (also rubbed with olive oil, rosemary and S&P) across the top of the veggies and cover with foil (the juices from the chicken will flavor the veggies nicely).  Bake covered for 45 minutes and then uncover and brown for about 15-20 minutes.  Delicious!

This was my first time cooking with delicata squash and it was so amazing! It has a creamy, buttery texture that pairs really nicely with the earthy bite of turnips.

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