Pick-up: Sept 20th


  • Concord Grapes – Maybe I should make some Schiacciata con L’uva again this year!
  • Swiss Chard – Flaim Farms, Vineland, NJ
  • Apples – Lancaster County
  • Sweet Potatoes – Lancaster County
  • Chives – Flaim Farms, Vineland, NJ
  • Bell Peppers – Lancaster County, PA
  • Cabbage – Lancaster County, PA
  • Onions – Lancaster County, PA
  • Fudge –  Betty’s Tasty Buttons, Philadelphia, PA – I love this stuff!
  • Cheese – Smoked Cheddar, Hillacres Pride,
  • Dairy Option: 1 dozen Free-Range Eggs


  • Rosemary Baguette – Already tore into this one!
  • Arugula
  • Delicata Squash
  • Potatoes
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Chevre
  • Italian Sausage
  • Chicken Breast
  • Pot of Mums!!! It’s Fall!

Our friends, Kelly and Richard, are coming to visit us next weekend and I want to make them some treats! Especially since Monday is Kelly’s birthday! Happy Birthday Kelly! Any ideas?  Maybe something that includes pears and or apples and or concord grapes??

PS – The “Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy” Letterpress Card in the photo I got from Yee-Haw Industries Etsy shop!

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One Response to Pick-up: Sept 20th

  1. Kelly says:

    Just leave everything on the counter and I will just eat from that!

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