Leek and Swiss Chard Tart (AKA: Heart Attack)

First, I’d like to say that I’m pretty proud of myself for making this, considering that the task was wrought with “dealbreakers”. You will probably read the recipe and think, “This girl’s lame, she can’t even handle a lil ol’ tart!” BUT, said recipe was easy enough until I decided to make the crust myself and that’s when all my troubles started (on a work night! does that get me any sympathy?).

I know, my fault, should have kept this one in the Sunday Dinner Attempt pile. Oh well, but I would also like to share blame with the college student in Asheville, NC whose review of the recipe encouraged me to make Mark Bittman’s Flaky Pie Crust with whole wheat flour, since in her words, “it turned out perfectly!”. (Just kidding! I don’t blame you…I blame Mark Bittman! hahaha, jk, jk.)

I think it started the night before, when I made the dough and following the directions I sprinkled the dough with 3 tbsps ice cold water. The water pooled around the dough and when I picked up the dough ball it was mushy and felt like wet clay. I wrapped it in cling wrap and put it in the fridge overnight, but I was really suspicious about how it would perform today. Tonight, I floured my working surface and brought out the chilled dough to prep it for the tart. At first it was too hard, so I let it sit for a while and then when I started to roll it out it just stuck to everything. Smothered it in flour, nothing. Wrapped it up again and threw it in the freezer for 10 minutes. Rolled it out again and there was just way too much flour and the dough was cracking, too dry. So I just did what I could. I hand stretched it out and patched it together where I could, laid it out in the pie dish and froze it another 10 minutes. Any ideas on what I did wrong? Advice is much appreciated!

Aside from the crust disappointment, the tart was Deeeelicious! Totally Decadent! I also got to use up my leeks and some of my swiss chard from this week’s share (not to mention a whole bunch of eggs too! woo!) And I threw in some Italian Fennel Sausage (I bought a la carte) per college student’s suggestion (wink) and it was great! I would love to make this again if I can figure out this crust dilemma. Help?

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6 Responses to Leek and Swiss Chard Tart (AKA: Heart Attack)

  1. Garden Girl Vienna says:

    I used to make crust from scratch until I discovered Betty Crocker’s Pie Crust in a box. It may be cheating, but all you do is add a few Tbs. water and it is perfect. Try it!

  2. nickels says:

    i’m going to channel alton brown- sounds like a fat problem. how cold was the butter? cold cold or room temp?
    my other guess is that the water threw it off. i always have problems with crusts and i’ve learned to drizzle the liquid tablespoon by tablespoon, oi.

  3. ophile says:

    Yeah the butter was straight out the fridge cold…but I do think I may have over pulsed it in the food processor (because it was not the cornmeal texture Bittman described).

  4. Kelly says:

    I agree with GGV. The only reason to make your own pie crust is if you need to make a reason to feel like a failure. Well, not YOU specifically, but I’m not too proud to buy the two-in-a-box Pillsbury pie crusts.

  5. ophile says:

    Me neither! I had back up pastry dough in the freezer from Trader Joe’s! But yes, just felt like a good night to be a failure! hahaha

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