Cake Pops!

FYI: This week posting will feel a bit sparse.  Mainly due to the high volume production of “cake pops!” going on at Casa Kunztas.  And no, they are not local, but I also do not do this for a living.  So for the sake of my sanity I will be making these 150+ cake pops (for our pals Nicole + Marty’s wedding this weekend! yay!) out of a box and candied by melts bought at a craft store.  I did use eggs I got from the share and I also made my own cream cheese frosting thanks to this easy schmeasy recipe from, ofcourse, Simply Recipes.

I made cake pops for the first time back in February, they were a big hit and pretty easy (though I made them very sloppily).  I found the recipe whilst trolling Tastespotting and I followed the cute pop picture link to Bakerella’s site.  Since then she has been featured on the Martha Stewart Show making her now famous cake pops and I’ve seen them all over Flickr.

She is an artist I must say.  She does this neat thing with a 1.5″ cookie cutter to shape her cake pops into lil mini-cupcakes!  aw!  Yeah.  Not me.  I tried, I really did.  BUT, I bought a star shaped cookie cutter and the cake balls just would not mold around those sharp sides.  Oh well, regular ball shaped cake pops will have to do.

The orange candied cake pops are my fave (of course!)  Their wedding colors are yellow, hot pink and white I believe, but I could not resist making some peachy orange colored ones :p.  I think I’m going to make a batch of yellow cake mixed with buttermilk frosting for an alternative to the red velvet/cream cheese combos.

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5 Responses to Cake Pops!

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh man, candy pops! The guests are in for a treat. And I’m glad that Richard and I are now charging a candy pop tax for all visitors to our apartment.

  2. Kelly says:

    And by “candy pop,” of course I mean “cake pop.” I got too excited.

  3. liz says:

    i can vouch that these are amazing, i was lucky enough to savor one this weekend! yum!!!

  4. morethanamom2four says:

    What do you use for the orange candied ones? Those sound yummy!

  5. ophile says:

    I just mixed pink and yellow chocolates together to make orange colored chocolates. They are great!

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