Just another reason to keep it local.

Along with the tomato salmonella outbreak, now jalapeño and serrano peppers are also suspected culprits (as well as cilantro). The FDA has a safe list of states that harvest tomatoes and it looks like most of the 50 states are there. So there’s no excuse to not get your tomatoes local, safe and clean. Even better, go to your local farmer’s market and meet and buy (support!) from the people actually growing them.

*nothing wrong with these local beauties! and they taste better too.

What’s more sad, is that you can subscribe to the FDA’s RSS feed on food and drug recalls and alerts.

Everyone is complaining about how much they have to spend on rising food prices, but if they considered how much they spend and will spend on health care to combat the effects of our national poor diet ,they might reconsider. Pay now or pay later right?

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