Leftovers and the useless appendix.

Post 4th of July was a bust for us, poor Rick had to have an emergency appendectomy.  Our lazy holiday weekend turned ugly quick due to this “vestigial structure” whose function Wikipedia so thoroughly clarifies, “Given the appendix’s propensity to cause death via infection, and the seemingly perfect health of those who have had their appendix removed, the biological purpose of the appendix has mystified scientists for some time.”  The surgeon discharged Rick with orders to eat bland food the next couple days.  Pasta and butter did not sound appetizing to him and so he requested some pesto.  I made him the pesto but with very little garlic which I thought might lighten up the flavor.  For myself I threw into the boiling pasta water some leftover corn on the cob and tossed it in with the pesto.  It was so delicious!  Corn and pesto = a new favorite combo.

*this is the only photo I managed today, I promise I’ll be better tomorrow.

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