15 Minute Stir Fried Chicken & Bok Choy

This week I have been a little less motivated, partly because my folks came to visit and that meant my mom brought us a bunch of homemade goodies, including the pan of yemista (yummysta!) which I have been living off of the past couple days.  But tonight, I pushed aside the Tupperware, and searched out a quick and easy recipe to use up the bok choy.  This recipe comes from The World’s Healthiest Food site and I liked that for an Asian recipe I didn’t need cornstarch and a billion other ingredients I didn’t have on hand.  Instead of using shitake mushrooms (R hates them) I sliced up some red pepper I got at the market last weekend.  I also added some chopped up garlic scapes and a long green pepper.  The chicken thighs are local too, I bought them from the Mountain View Poultry Farm at the Headhouse Square Farmer’s Market.

Buying rice is all about the packaging for me, much like picking out a book.  If the cover is well designed or at least cute, the book has gotta be good.  Well, I found this “sweet rice” at the Korean Market down on Spring Garden a few months ago and had to buy it based on the pretty flower.  I think it goes well with the pepper slices in the dinner, don’t you?

For dessert I had a bowl of my zabaglione gelato and a piece of baklava my mom made, yum!

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