Since I have never used kohlrabi before I thought I would just use it raw this first time. So I sliced it up along with some fennel and tossed it with arugula, beluga lentils (the best thing ever!) and lemon-caper dressing. Kohlrabi is great, sorta broccoli stem, sorta radishy, really yum! Three more kohlrabi bulbs to go!

And for dessert I finished off the strawberries with the last of my fresh mint ice cream! No photo this time, they were not looking too great.

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2 Responses to kohlrabi!

  1. Kelly says:

    Your postings make me hungry, envious, and guilty (for not cooking better) all at once! I haven’t made the effort to attend any farmer’s markets this year, but my mom sent me a bunch of her crop of blackberries, potatoes, greens, and onions. Nothing beats fresh-from-the-backyard produce.

  2. ophile says:

    oh man! rick will be mighty jealous to hear about your backyard blackberries! Sounds like you don’t need to go to any farmer’s markets, you got Farmer Momma Gerow!

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